2018 Venue Winner
January Takoma Beverage Company Liz Dean
February Chinatown Coffee Company Kevin To
March A Baked Joint Pablo Mamani
April Open City National Cathedral CeCe
May Potter’s House Bella Tan
June Velo Café at District Hardware & Bike Dan Hill
July Vigilante Coffee Bella Tan
August Tryst Katie Teague
September Grace Street Coffee
2017 Venue Winner
January Letena Lynn Beavin
February Bayou Bakery Hill Center Dawn Shanks
March A Baked Joint Pablo Mamani
April La Colombe Blagden Min Kim
May Vigilante Coffee Pablo Mamani
June Peregrine Espresso Eastern Market Ryan Lim
July Open City National Cathedral Ryan Lim
August The Potter’s House Min Kim
September La Columbe Manhatten Laundry Pablo Mamani
October Slipstream Navy Yard Mo Koolphanich
November Tryst Ian
December Velo Café at District Hardware & Bike Pablo Mamani
2016 Venue Winner
January Open City Veronica Melendez
February Tryst David Scott
March La Colombe Chinatown Reilly O’Hara
April The Potter’s House Victor Vasquez
May Uprising Tito Pena
June Slipstream Josh Brody
July Dolcezza at the Factory Isiah Jones
August CCCTC Amanda Salisbury
September Wydown 14th Pablo Mamani
October La Colombe Manhatten Laundry Tito Pena
November Grace Street Mo Koolphanich
December Flying Fish Ben Philz
2015 Venue Winner
January Qualia Hope Glastris
February Tryst Evan Colondres
March Pitango (Penn Quarter) Dawn Shanks
April Swings ALX Pablo Mamani
May Maketto Marine Jaouen
June La Colombe Blagden Ryan Lim
July The Potter’s House Pablo Mamani
August Bump n Grind Tim Brisnehan
September Bayou Bakery Hill Center Amanda Salisbury
October The Coupe Mo Koolphanich
November Peregrine Espresso at Union Market Pablo Mamani
December Colony Club Ryan Lim
2014 Venue Winner
January Big Bear Cafe Zekarias Thompson
February Pitango (Penn Quarter) Valorie Clark
March La Colombe Blagden Alley Graham Loper
April canceled canceled
May CCCTC Ryan Lim
June Northside Social Mo Koolphanich
July Retrospect David Scott
August Wydown 14th Street Evan Colondres
September Uprising Ryan Lim
October Peregrine Eastern Market Monique
November Little Red Fox David Mugg
December Dolcezza Factory Marine Jaouen
2013 Venue Winner
January Room 11 Trevor Corlett
February Tryst Camilo Poveda
March Pitango (Penn Quarter) Amanda Schmitt
April The Coffee Bar Tim Brisnehan
May Baked & Wired Camilo Poveda
June The Coupe Dawn Shanks
July The Wydown Hope Glastris
August Bayou Bakery Amanda Salisbury
September Madcap Mo Koolphanich
October Open City Amanda Salisbury
November Dolcezza Factory Iron Mike
December Peregrine at Union Market Dawn Shanks
2012 Venue Winner
January Flying Fish Anna
February CCCCTC Chris Vigilante (cup tasters)
March Pitango (Penn Quarter) Colin Whitcomb
April Buzz Bakery Brian
May Chinatown Coffee Company Travis Beckett
June Northside Social Jeremy Sterner
July Peregrine Mid City Travis Beckett
August Bayou Bakery Trevor Corlett
September Baked and Wired Colin Whitcomb
October Kafe Bohem Emily Whitcomb
November Pound the Hill Mike Sammertino
December Big Bear Cafe Travis Beckett