We Are Force Majeure is an enamel lapel pin for coffee professionals who disagree with the SCA’s choice to use the Deferred Candidacy Policy (DCP) to justify holding coffee competitions in Dubai, where some LGBTQ baristas may feel unsafe.

This pin project was a collaboration between three Washington DC-based coffee professionals: Sarah Rice Scott, Dawn Shanks and Lenora Yerkes. Designed by Lenora, this pin was created with baristas participating in upcoming coffee competitions in mind. The choice as to whether or not to compete is a personal one, but choosing to compete, judge or volunteer should not equate support of the SCA DCP decision.

It is our hope that these pins foster a sense of community at upcoming coffee competitions, a sort of silent nod to one another while competing, volunteering, calibrating, or cheering everyone on. We Are Force Majeure, and the folks behind it, believe in the power of coffee competitions to create and kindle community in specialty coffee, and love the competitive baristas who make these games great.

These pins will be sold at cost by We Are Force Majeure, and the artwork used to create the pin will be available to other creative coffee professionals under a Creative Commons license (to wit: we’re collaborative with other makers, as long as they’re not attempting a huge profit or any mass merchandising).

Because of the strength of your voices in our industry, I’m asking you to support this project how you can–by sharing the project with others or by ordering pins for your immediate community. I’ve attached some images so you can see what we’ve designed.

Individual pins are $3, orders of 4 or 10 pins are available at a discount. Pins can be shipped for a small shipping fee, or picked up for free at the qualifying event in New Orleans. Order your lapel pin here. For baristas in Reno, we are distributing a limited-run button version for free.

These beautiful pins can be worn in solidarity before and during competitions, and later as a marker of a very momentous time in coffee, a reminder of when a policy was handed down to coffee professionals without input from you, you were not silent. You spoke out, organized town halls, and kept showing up. Thanks for inspiring this art, and we hope you enjoy wearing it.

If you have questions about this project, please reach out to any of us!

or lenora.yerkes@gmail.com

Dawn, Lenora and Sarah Rice