DMV Coffee is a grassroots organization that serves the coffee community in the greater D.C. area.

Starting with Latte Art Throwdowns in October 2008, DMV Coffee has grown and cultivated a unified group of baristas, trainers, roasters, and business owners, to establish an inclusive and enriching environment for coffee professionals and create outlets for individuals and teams throughout the industry.

We have evolved into a community with the goals of providing a rich and healthy social environment within the industry on a local level, providing resources for coffee education and professional development, promoting local businesses and empowering baristas across the area, and creating an open and accessible set of tools and events to encourage investment in the coffee world around us. In an industry that is ever growing and changing as our world shifts, we seek to create an inclusive, community driven, and innovative movement within the coffee industry.

The DMV area is one of the most inventive, diverse, influential and successful regions in specialty coffee, and we bring together the many people that make it all possible.

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